CM Ball(Chem Metal Ball) is a rolled steel slag that recycles steelmaking slag, a by-product of the steelworks. CM Ball has excellent physical properties such as spherical shape, high strength and low abrasive rate. Using these characteristics, the excellent performance was proven in use of repair and reinforcing material, abrasive blasting material, roof material, weight material, non-slip material, etc.

  • Composition(%)
SiO2 Al2O3 MnO CaO MgO T-Fe Fe2O3 P2O5 Cr2O3 TiO2 Na2O K2O
11.84 2.19 1.66 42.62 8.37 21.09 2.41 0.21 0.42
  • Size(mm)
  • ~0.6

  • 0.6~1.0

  • 0.6~2.0

  • 1.0~2.0

Application Advantage
Repair & Reinforcing Material
  • Save pastes(cement, polymer) with high strength and low absorption rate
  • Eases drying shrinkage with the spherical particles
  • Excellent self-compacting with high fluidity
Abrasive Blasting Material
  • Lower price than rival goods
  • Good in tensity of illumination
  • Excellent hardness(Mohs hardness 7 or higher)
  • Less dust than Silica and Garnet
  • Reuse available(2〜4 times)
  • Waste after blasting can be classified as non-scheduled waste
Roof Material
  • High class texture due to glossy surface
  • Excellent compressive strength, wear resistance, wind resistance, etc.
Weight Material
  • Effective in use of weight material due to high specific gravity
  • Excellent strength, less expensive
Manhole Repair Material
  • Improve compressive strength
  • Reduce the resin consumption
  • Road surface goes with the color of CM Ball(school zone)
Non-Slip Material
  • Produce diverse products through coloring(school zone)
  • Less product unit cost with direct product process and construction
  • Longer product lifespan after construction due to excellent wear resistance
Poly-Concrete Material
  • Save the volume of Polymer
  • Increase fluidity for manufacturing
  • Improve compressive strength
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