MMP(Methyl-3-Methoxy Propionate) is a ester-ether based solvent with unique linear structure and propionyl group which will enhance the wetting of filler, pigment ,silver powder in coating. MMP is a cost efficient alternative of EEP (Ethyl 3-Ethoxypropionate) and can greatly decrease the surface tension of coating system which, in turn, will eliminate the potential risk of bubble and pinholes. It can also serve as excellent silicone free defoamer solving the re-coating issue of coating.

  • Typical Value
Properties Unit Specification
Purity(MMP) Area. wt% 99.97
Moisture wt% 0.013
Acidity ppm 56
ph 7.2
Specific gravity(20/4℃) 1.009
  • Electronic industry cleaning agent
  • Ink cleaning agent
  • Cleaning agent
  • Paint, car repair paint
  • Film Additives, slow dry ink system
  • Intermediate for pharmaceutical
  • Polarizing plate cleaning
  • Photo-regist, thinner of microelectronics industry
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